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Brecon 6

For Ron & Louise and Owen & Katherine

Darkness delivers me
to the belly of the beacons;
a caffled bundle
of newness and nerves
kinked and crunched
between gravel and sole.

Slowly, bathed in the balm
of pine and candles,
skeins untangle, tensions unfurl,
as I sit, silk-washed in words
that tumble over me
like warm, Welsh rain.

Dawn unties the ribbons
of a new day,
presents me with the gift
of light and mountains
and the lilting mellow verse
of friendships forged
over fire and wine.


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For Jordan

I return from the station
expecting you gone
but here you are:

ash blonde head
on the creamy pillow,
a soft cotton foot

balled under the bed,
ears still attuned
to the melody,

your hand pressed
against misty glass.
I resist the urge to tidy;

to tuck wires into drawers,
make beds, wipe smears,
gather laundry

and instead lie next to you,
unable to forget your face
at the carriage window.

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