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Palm Sunday

hands 4

Sit bones settle uneasy
on ground glass and razor shells.
Eyes fix on unexpected horizon

kinked and wavering in the heat
of a new reality; the once sharp line
between blue and bluer now bunched

and caffled in blurred uncertainty.
Parallel gazes, oblivious, until hands
scrabble soft in deep, white sand,

fingers and thumbs sifting possibilities,
seeking equilibrium – finding it
in the upturned palm of another.


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Waiting for Escher



not yet mine
nor I yours.


beneath vaulted ache.

congruent triangles



in stained glass

tiles tilt


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Symmetry, Linguistics and the Art of Surrender

Daisy Chain 2

Relinquishing the day,
I watch your tongue
chase vowels, curl

around consonants, your
lips spilling daisy chains
on my bare shoulders.

I tilt my head, mirroring
your movements, inhale
the faint creases around

your mouth, allowing
myself to unravel as
you unfold in a smile.

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white flag

Don’t expect me to be light when I
carry your shadows; dusky wraiths
soldered to viscous insides.

Don’t expect me to be white when my
canvas is black; scarlet ridged,
and spattered with Clogau gold.

Don’t expect me to be right when I am
left with wrongs; tattered and scraped
to my battle-knifed knees.

Don’t expect me to fight when I have
already lost; ensigns hauled,
flag long surrendered.

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