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Common Aphrodite


Eyes shuttered,
she climbs naked
into his mouth,

kneels on his tongue
and utters
an invocation

that somewhere
in the pink-dusked frenzy
that will follow

he will taste
the mirrored grain
of her veiled celestial sister.


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Two Journeys

guy 2

He came home today,
her beautiful boy
with his beautiful scar,
his chipped tooth
and his battered faith,
the price of defending another.

once worn like a badge,
now quietly stitched
to the inside of his shirt,
a tight kernel of regret
chafing at his chest.

And she,
though saddened
by the livid weal beneath his eye,
thankful that he returned
in the rattle and hum
of a crowded carriage,

in the drum thud
of his white budded world,
not draped in wood
under the misplaced blood
of a forlorn flag.

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Leather Bound

Richard Booth's bookshop

Richard Booth’s Bookshop in Hay

We met on a shelf
between RS and Hughes,
I liked your shoes but later
found they were boots,
their butterscotch
tan leather cuffs
discreetly concealed
beneath wintered denim.

Smooth, easily removed,
they sat obediently
in right angled hush
at the foot of our borrowed bed,
their suppleness echoed
in the soft scuff of your hands
as you deciphered the Braille
of my unravelling spine.

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