Alpha Betty


Strange, to find oneself
in someone else’s poem,
but if you must write me
between the lines of your
unravelling thoughts

I should like to sit
in one of the consonants –
a soft-centred C;
my spine moulding
to the open swirl

or lingering
in the upturned curl
of a gentle L;
legs dangling like a child’s
on an over-stuffed sofa.

I should not like
to be propped against an I,
(either upper or lowercase) –
such a solitary letter,
so rigid and unforgiving

and to be penned within a U
would be unthinkable;
its tall, unscaleable walls
casting shadows,
rendering me


Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

4 responses to “Alpha Betty

  1. what a joyful piece! and an unusual concept. love it. x

  2. What a touching, delightful read in a topic that I certainly have an issue with…sone poems perhaps best unread by us from time to time, when we are the subject. But freedom of speech being what it is, we being presenting anonymously to everyone but ourselves, it would be nice if the writer would provide just one letter that would us comfort.

  3. Brendan

    Anne Carson in “Eros the Bittersweet” says the Greek lyric poets of the 6th century BC — where our poetry centrally came into existence — discovered the erotics of the alphabet, that between I and U there’s always a O, the hurtful debt we can never quite pay off. Or something. Lovers talk endlessly over that middle ground, fumbling always on consonants and vowels. I wonder if Stonehenge is the result of such a spat. – B

  4. Oh this is beautiful! I love it x

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