Petit Mal

girl 2

Tonight, I will write,
about the girl who disappeared,
how she would fade in front of us,
one moment a solid bundle,
of skin and bone, brain and muscle,
then a blur of a girl
that no game could hold,
no skipping rope tether.

Her eyes would leave first;
wide, glassy, fringed by the dark,
fluttering, shuttering out the world,
seeing only the pictures
painted on the inside.

Then her ears;
small and neat,
her head cocked,
to scoop up the murmurings
that hovered at the edge.

Lastly her lips,
that I remember she licked
just before they began to move,
silently committing
the unseen words to memory.

I whispered to her once,
‘where do you go’
but could tell by her eyebrows
that she didn’t understand.

So tonight I will write,
about the girl who disappeared
and the man
who, years later, would wonder
how she could run away
without ever leaving the room.


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Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

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