She runs a bath to break the silence,
watched only by a silver-framed
sullen moon.

They sit, at opposite ends
of a warm thought, until words
tumble into soft vanilla light.

Her back moulded to his chest,
he washes her hair, long fingers
untangling caffles.

Intimacy lifts the grey weight
of the day, her transient relief
trickling unseen.



Filed under Free Verse, Poetry

3 responses to “Trickle

  1. Nicky Lloyd

    ‘The Boatman’ and ‘Trickle’ are splendid pieces of work Julie. Excusing the pun . . . I love The ebb and flow of ‘The Boatman’ and ‘Trickle’ will be in my thoughts each time I bathe!
    Great work Julie, wanted too to like on your Facebook page but I can’t seem to see them now for some reason.
    Nicky x

  2. What a well-framed mood, moment, day. You’ve caught the transience of emotion is beautifully Julie. and I was sighing with you at the end!

  3. Adrian

    Hi Julie, drop me a line? Adrian

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