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Come live in this cave cariad
Come dwell in this candlelit womb
Come wallow in warm, sybaritic storm
Come glister in aqueous gloom

Come cwtch in my arms cariad
Come swallow the warmth of my breast
Come feast your sighs on this ritual dance
Come gaze upon ardour undressed

Come listen to shadows cariad
Come hear their untarnished truth
Come rid yourself of your hellions
Come renounce your renegade youth

Come live in this cave cariad
Come seize the salve to your wound
Come grasp the ancient catholicon
Come revel in rapture cocooned





~  I’ve used two Welsh words in this piece that are commonly spoken even by those who speak very little Welsh. Cariad (pronounced carry-ad) means love or a term of endearment as in ‘my love’. Cwtch (pronounced cutch) means hug but the literal meaning is a safe place, so if you give someone a cwtch you are giving them a safe place.




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