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Oak blossom, broom and meadowsweet,
magicians’ conjured ‘flower face’
that tricked the tynged, stood in place

of mortal wife, would spawn deceit.
Sated beauty, castigated,
bloom shackled to nocturnal cleat,

her tawny-feathered fall from grace
reviled across the meadow sweet.


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Burning Down the House


Scandalous light

rust-hinged shutters
to shellacked skin.

hacking blaze
presses cold,
c o l d

until dawn’s
piercing hoarfrost
the blisters.

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The Art of Knowing

Splinter within her that filters the truth
serves to remind her of all that is lost and will
leave her bereft and alone on the roof.

Sick now of dealing with moments aloof;
taking the step that unveils his deceit instills
splinters within her that filter the truth.

Watchful she follows a hunch on the hoof;
filling the cat with a poison that’s sure to kill
leaves her bereft and alone on the roof.

Rips through her mind and lets loose inner sleuth;
secret she finds, it reverses the sleeping pill –
splinters within her and filters the truth.

Years of duplicity swallow her youth,
agony lies in a future she can’t fulfill;
leaves her bereft and alone on the roof.

Act of accepting the burden of proof;
epistemology gives her that twisted thrill.
Splinter within her that filters the truth
leaves her bereft and alone on the roof.




~ This is a villanelle written in dactylic tetrameter (dactyl is stress-unstress-unstress), a-rhymes (truth/roof etc) are minus the two last unstressed syllables, ie masculine rhyme in a normally feminine-rhyming meter.   


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Looked in all the usual places; briefcase, wallet,
trouser pockets.  Dreading, hoping to unlock it;

wanting just to understand why our portraits scowled
at one another, face to face in the little locket.

Eventually found it in the tiny scorched corners
of the upturned curve of the blazing sun

that rose every time she walked in the room
and slowly but surely my world came undone.



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