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Two Journeys

guy 2

He came home today,
her beautiful boy
with his beautiful scar,
his chipped tooth
and his battered faith,
the price of defending another.

once worn like a badge,
now quietly stitched
to the inside of his shirt,
a tight kernel of regret
chafing at his chest.

And she,
though saddened
by the livid weal beneath his eye,
thankful that he returned
in the rattle and hum
of a crowded carriage,

in the drum thud
of his white budded world,
not draped in wood
under the misplaced blood
of a forlorn flag.


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For Jordan

I return from the station
expecting you gone
but here you are:

ash blonde head
on the creamy pillow,
a soft cotton foot

balled under the bed,
ears still attuned
to the melody,

your hand pressed
against misty glass.
I resist the urge to tidy;

to tuck wires into drawers,
make beds, wipe smears,
gather laundry

and instead lie next to you,
unable to forget your face
at the carriage window.

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Your smooth, tanned brow
sits above my tawny eyes,
neat, flat bridged nose
flaring in the glass,
deep philtrum
promising vitality –
longevity a myth.

I pour achievements
into paper cups, hold
them to your full lips,
sip small droplets
of triumph, while tucking
disappointments inside
naval-neat cuffs.

I wait, knowing that I will
watch time score lines
on parchment, scorch age
spots into soft, thin skin
and etch laughter lines around
features I had thought
beyond my grasp.

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ten-toeing the edge
of Abereiddy lagoon,
craggy hand-held womb,
palpable wraith
of paternal protection.


Split/screen vintage
volkswagon camper van,

Quick-witted warrior woman
fending off shaggy black,
bouncing the craic,
dirt-dry humour
protecting the scab.

full frontal (g)lobe,
foraging, furrowing,
snaffling new goals.

Concentrically pursuing
a waggly appendage
while craving the calm
of a downward dog
that can’t be tethered.

Sitting uneasily
between skeleton
and skin,
cramped contradiction:

seeking approval,
rat’s ass not given.

Mellow molten mix,
between, betwixt,
schoolgirl shy
full of vixen tricks,
caught between sunshine
and total eclipse.

Constantly pouring an ample C
into a life cup-B,


Maternal cliff climb,
sneaks up behind,
shoves flailing daughter,
swirling water.



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Cutting the Chords

So grateful you did not delay
to rip placental tie with teeth,
and split the victim from the thief

‘fore vital stem cells seeped away.
Invoked the lien of hardened gene,
the traits I loathe with you did stay,

left fest’ring in your shallow sheath.
So grateful you did not delay.

It’s time the wraith like chords were cut,
first harvested from hips left-right,
‘neath solar plexus, pulled in tight,

deep sapphire slashed as clutched to gut.
Burnt twisted wire in violet fire
no longer feeds your glow’ring glut,

darkbound in blood and spliced in spite.
This time the wraith like chords are cut.


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My child lay down in fields of red,
His heart still full of boyhood dreams,
While fireworks raged above his head.

Into the night the colours bled
Stitched up the sky with rainbow seams,
My child lay down in fields of red.

Bright eyed wonder replaced the dread
And childhood giggles stifled screams,
While fireworks raged above his head.

Frightened eyes stained by tears shed,
Glowed brightly then with blist’ring beams,
My child lay down in fields of red.

So fear amongst the heavens fled,
Relief into his body streamed
While fireworks raged above his head.

Kaleidoscopic final bed,
Once fearless youthful soul redeemed,
My child lay down in fields of red.
While fireworks raged above his head.


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