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We walk at night my girl and I
and talk of life and love’s sweet ache,
beneath a silver dusted sky.

Half-summoned by the nightjar’s cry,
uncertain of which path to take,
we walk at night my girl and I,

unhook and take apart the lie,
unravel every dark mistake,
beneath a silver dusted sky.

Answers sought in every sigh,
curiosity’s thirst to slake,
we walk at night my girl and I,

discarding every alibi,
false promises we now forsake
beneath a silver dusted sky

Despite nocturnal lovers’ cry,
soft-sullen moon upon the lake,
we walk at night my girl and I
beneath a silver dusted sky.


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Lacquer clogs my early morning mouth.
Spitting curses and acetates, I watch
as her barely-there bottom

perches on Kohl-smudged porcelain,
spidery legs dangling from the
toothpaste-tinged rim.

Eye-liner daggers drawn,
parrying tongues and tangling elbows
we jostle for space and giggles,

jousting in a lotion-cluttered arena,
hairspray mace and mascara lances –
fighting for glass.

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ten-toeing the edge
of Abereiddy lagoon,
craggy hand-held womb,
palpable wraith
of paternal protection.


Split/screen vintage
volkswagon camper van,

Quick-witted warrior woman
fending off shaggy black,
bouncing the craic,
dirt-dry humour
protecting the scab.

full frontal (g)lobe,
foraging, furrowing,
snaffling new goals.

Concentrically pursuing
a waggly appendage
while craving the calm
of a downward dog
that can’t be tethered.

Sitting uneasily
between skeleton
and skin,
cramped contradiction:

seeking approval,
rat’s ass not given.

Mellow molten mix,
between, betwixt,
schoolgirl shy
full of vixen tricks,
caught between sunshine
and total eclipse.

Constantly pouring an ample C
into a life cup-B,


Maternal cliff climb,
sneaks up behind,
shoves flailing daughter,
swirling water.



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