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Kissing Zephyrus and The Art of Wearing Sandals


You teased me
as I tripped down the boardwalk,
through wind-blown dunes
in unsuitable shoes.

Words tumbled
across rough-hewn pine,
our newness palpable
in candlelit tales.

I felt the sand shift
as I wiggled my toes
– a habit from childhood
when laughter laced my days –

and again, later,
as you crossed the sky,
pulled a star from the roof of the world
and glistered my lips with a kiss.


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Mill Old

I’ve been here before,
between fences of wakefulness,
frosting bare-toothed
in stripy drift.

The tattered angle
of my shadow
its ebony gore
still caught
in the bear’s black paw

while I
slipped away,

lost to the drag
and claw of sleep,
grey matter clasping
the grainy snap
of what may
or may not
have been.


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On Missing Morpheus


Lassitude drags her bare feet across blonde wood;
+++++++mellow-beamed in milky, branch-broken light.

Sleep-splintered, draped in cotton-stripe fatigue,
+++++++++++++stalking the sink of a cushioned chimera,

she buckles instead to the barbed ruin of her companion;
++++++++++++++quietly cursing the brackish insolence of his grasp.

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Life Underwater

In the silent space where old meets new,
the birthlight of the infant dawn
crawling in through the gap
between shade and sill,

I lay,
chasing the small boat
that has come adrift from its moorings.

Sliding back down between slumber’s sheets
it slips further from my grasp,
bobbing above my head
on the surface of awake.

Hours later I rise
to find that it has already sailed
on the morning tide.


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