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his body rises from the
slow water

sweeping sou’westerly
lifting salt beads
from his skin.

I lie
+++++++and glistening

for his feverish tongue
to slip
across cooldamp dunes.

Stem arced,
aching for the crest
+++++++++++I realise

it is not he
who has ascended
to burn above me

but I
who have tipped towards him

as naturally as the earth tilts,
its sun.


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The Lady of Shallot


A curse to see the world in metaphor?
Ripe shoots that claw their way from molten womb,
unfurling from the crumbled, peaty gloom

and ushering bi-lingual semaphore.
Hard facts harangue A. fistulosum’s tang,
pale membranes peel, reveal a juicy core.

As Allium lays waste to mordant Rheum
our verse soars from the vaults; sweet metaphor.

~ My apologies to Messrs Tennyson, Waterhouse and Prater. Tennyson and Waterhouse for nicking the title of their poem/painting (albeit mis-spelt) and Prater for bastardising his Octain – I’m calling it a Dectain on account of each line having ten syllables instead of eight.

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Fields of Rape Brassica napus in Pembrokeshire South Wales

Bucolic plates shift,
seismic thrift

rips growth from womb,
bride from groom.

and pinned to granite

the earth

~ Posted for Earth Day 22nd April 2012

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the secret life of trees


nascent honeysuckling babe
catkin velveteen murmured ripple
rosehip nipple

naive milk-bathed melody
harmonic lilt of newborn crush


broken, rooted, steeped in scraith
charred, scraw-clawed ascent
scraping cobalt canopy

corkscrew willowed silhouette
seeking beams and
warmdrench summer rain

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