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Lailatul Qadr

Rheumy-eyed, pitted
in the dirt, ignobility
a derelict companion.

Defeated, deflated defenders,
soldiers whose only fortune was
to fall on this twenty seventh night.

Astaghfar susserates
as those captured as enemies
are released without enmity.


~ Lailatul Qadr means the night of honour and dignity. It is one of the most important nights in the muslim calendar and is usually on the 27th night of Ramadan. The night is spent in prayer, one of the most important prayers, Astaghfar, being that of seeking forgiveness. In Libya a group of Gaddafi supporters were captured by the rebels but later released in honour of Lailatul Qadr. It was a symbolic gesture and hopefully one that will lay the groundwork for future peace and unity.



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