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She lives in the woods,
my wild-eyed girl,
soft-spun beneath skies
of bluegrass dew,

unbound, unwound from the
grey cotton spool,
spinning in prisms
of liberty’s light.

I’ve begged her come home
to tangle her bones
in the threadbare bed
of the sullen moon

but she’ll not leave the breeze
of the trees’ hushed bloom
or the shift of the river’s
sweet-petalled scent.

So I dance in the woods
with my wild-eyed girl,
soft-spun beneath skies
of bluegrass dew

until dusk’s last dance
returns me alone
to the threadbare bed
of the sullen moon.


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free verse of the unfettered


Not all things can be contained:
casketed in rhyme, scanned into
a neat line, strait-jacket-strapped,
iambic packet-wrapped –

the way
summer butter
++++++++s l i d e s
into beachfire toasted muffins,

the hush of a shared
alpaca blanket as it
against salt-naked skin,

or you, in the morning;
charcoal lashes
through a sweat-glistened fringe.

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As sopping cotton clings to skin
and flashbacks dance in Autumn rain,
grown woman greets the child again.

Brown feet in puddles, splash and spin,
cold toe wriggles, girlish giggles,
slim arms outstretched to wicked grin.

It seems this one was never twain
as sopping cotton clings to skin.


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Paddling out under flawless Sapphire,
Apollo – a million glisters
on rippled Emerald,

startled by the crane’s cry,
a lone clergymen on cathedral cliffs;
a rough-hewn reminder

that though each of us is out here alone,
with only our prayers for protection,
we are also free.


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