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She runs a bath to break the silence,
watched only by a silver-framed
sullen moon.

They sit, at opposite ends
of a warm thought, until words
tumble into soft vanilla light.

Her back moulded to his chest,
he washes her hair, long fingers
untangling caffles.

Intimacy lifts the grey weight
of the day, her transient relief
trickling unseen.



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When it’s over

when rawthroat simmers
raindrum stills

breath deepens
howls subside

when jagged moon
tumbles hallelujah

dog rose petalfolds
evening moist

when cannons quiet
arms circle soft

mercury dips cool
on tender tongues

when coils
++++++u n r a v e l
++++++++++++caffled balm




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free verse of the unfettered


Not all things can be contained:
casketed in rhyme, scanned into
a neat line, strait-jacket-strapped,
iambic packet-wrapped –

the way
summer butter
++++++++s l i d e s
into beachfire toasted muffins,

the hush of a shared
alpaca blanket as it
against salt-naked skin,

or you, in the morning;
charcoal lashes
through a sweat-glistened fringe.

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