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​It has taken until now to begin;
for my throat to form the sounds,
my mouth to mimic
the shifting shapes of sorrow
and release them into the air.

I am an infant, grappling
with the birth of language;
each word connecting
and disconnecting me
to and from myself.

Love letters crawl from the
tar pit. Black, sticky,
coated with grief, they slip
beneath triangles that
no longer tessellate.

As the banshee leaves
all that remains in the
blonde light of morning
is a girl, so much stronger
than me before you.


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Symmetry, Linguistics and the Art of Surrender

Daisy Chain 2

Relinquishing the day,
I watch your tongue
chase vowels, curl

around consonants, your
lips spilling daisy chains
on my bare shoulders.

I tilt my head, mirroring
your movements, inhale
the faint creases around

your mouth, allowing
myself to unravel as
you unfold in a smile.

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