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"Moon Water" rehearsel by the Cloud Gate Dance Theatre of Tiawan.

Today you wake and find me gone away,
slipped quietly into the morning mist;
just know it was because I could not stay.

Don’t send the dogs to find me, restless prey,
your need to apprehend, love please resist;
today you wake and find me gone away.

When all around you scattered disarray,
torn remnants of the girl that you once kissed;
just know it was because I could not stay.

‘Neath shallow pre-washed dawn in tepid grey,
wet-rinsed and wrung out by life’s cruel wrist;
today you wake and find me gone away.

Your soul hung out, pegged hard by hurt’s dismay,
damp cloth exposed for fierce wind to twist:
just know it was because I could not stay.

Though loneliness we try to keep at bay,
you cannot hold love’s fabric in your fist.
Today you wake and find me gone away;
just know it was because I could not stay.



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Driving in Flip Flops

Flip Flops 3

I take them home, in boardies and a T,
two little black-haired boys,
bobbing around the back seat.

As their briny tang and sand-smiles
unravel into sleep, I slip unnoticed
into the shrivelled concrete womb.

Amid hugs and goodbyes, I fight
the urge to floor it and instead,
drive slowly, a tourist in my own town.

I crawl through the streets
where we skipped until dusk
and our mothers called us in for bed,

past the once communal lawns
(now territorially fenced)
that had been our Olympic Park–

the high jump constructed from
bamboo sticks and pegs, the sprint finish
a borrowed washing line.

I linger at the still manicured patch of green
where I had lain and kissed the boy
whose name became my own

and then I left

knowing that one day
they too would leave
in search of their own beach.

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For Jordan

I return from the station
expecting you gone
but here you are:

ash blonde head
on the creamy pillow,
a soft cotton foot

balled under the bed,
ears still attuned
to the melody,

your hand pressed
against misty glass.
I resist the urge to tidy;

to tuck wires into drawers,
make beds, wipe smears,
gather laundry

and instead lie next to you,
unable to forget your face
at the carriage window.

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When it’s over

when rawthroat simmers
raindrum stills

breath deepens
howls subside

when jagged moon
tumbles hallelujah

dog rose petalfolds
evening moist

when cannons quiet
arms circle soft

mercury dips cool
on tender tongues

when coils
++++++u n r a v e l
++++++++++++caffled balm




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It wasn’t so difficult when it came to it –
the freshly whetted blade sliced nicely;
no need to saw through twitching tissue.

(Years of watching Pop sharpen knives
to gut fish finally came in handy)

I watch as chunks of me plop
into the cheap plastic bucket –
no sense in using the good one.

I’ll be off now then.
Be a love and clean up the blood
before you leave would you?


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Evening rinses sienna walls
as ochre liqueur slips down the throat
of a cerulean sky.

Tuscan day peels away,
cool autumn air blushing
ripe opalescent domes.

Green marble memories
drift from the square,
laced with incense and incantations.

she tears a corner
from each creamy vellum page,

lingering over the tattered scraps,
before tucking them between the stones
of the worn umber streets.


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