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The sound arrives
on the tail of rain;
low-level hum
held in fiddlehead cocoons.

We listen, rapt,
as tender vibrations
climb velvety stems
bathed in long summer light

and as I lay half-curled
in the crook of your smile,
we turn our arms to the sun
and let the newness unfurl.

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Brecon 6

For Ron & Louise and Owen & Katherine

Darkness delivers me
to the belly of the beacons;
a caffled bundle
of newness and nerves
kinked and crunched
between gravel and sole.

Slowly, bathed in the balm
of pine and candles,
skeins untangle, tensions unfurl,
as I sit, silk-washed in words
that tumble over me
like warm, Welsh rain.

Dawn unties the ribbons
of a new day,
presents me with the gift
of light and mountains
and the lilting mellow verse
of friendships forged
over fire and wine.

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in denim sifted dunes,
dawn’s canvas light
cedar-scented skin,

fingers flex;
weaving last night’s
woodsmoke mementos
through the soft folds
of morning’s pink craving.

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nine lines of loveliness after a week of rain


Paddling swiftly now beyond
deluged days and swollen nights,

ebony umbrellas languish
in hushed oaken hallways,
yesterday’s dolor
puddling monochrome.

In the prism-drenched
meadows of tomorrow
parasols and petticoats twirl.

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Evening rinses sienna walls
as ochre liqueur slips down the throat
of a cerulean sky.

Tuscan day peels away,
cool autumn air blushing
ripe opalescent domes.

Green marble memories
drift from the square,
laced with incense and incantations.

she tears a corner
from each creamy vellum page,

lingering over the tattered scraps,
before tucking them between the stones
of the worn umber streets.


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Flickering, wax-coated wicks
lick Fired Earth Buckland Pale
as shadows tongue and groove
the boundaries of a thin-lipped

Aching myogenic organ
ripples harmonica lament;
ritenuto – too late
as torrent overflows,
extinguishing vanilla votives.

Reservoir for human darkness flees
as luminescence smothered;
the phantasm of creativity
its banished companion.


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Sunrise over the Pharmacy








Nursing caffeine;

watching Belenus
fight Arianrhod
for space in the sky,

dawning –

her only blithe warrior
the little white lie
she allows to slipslide

down her throat
each morning.


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