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heart 3

Inspired by Owen Sheers’ book Calon: A Journey to the Heart of Welsh Rugby

strange muscle
this carmine closed fist
vital percussionist

hollow metronome
caged in bleached-bone

strong, pear-like pump
and yet succumbs

to the quick tear
the soft bruise
the bladed scrape

patched and pinned
to an aching chest

untimely unrest
of arrhythmic pulse
steadying once more

to beat


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It is here
in these quiet moments
that we find it;

when we have nailed
hurricanes to the floor
and collected monsoons
in thimbles,

as we lay,
chests heaving,
in the debris-strewn dust,

for a subtle shift,
a tender tremor
that will lift us to our feet

and have us leaning
into the wind, learning
to trust the breeze
once more.

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nine lines of loveliness after a week of rain


Paddling swiftly now beyond
deluged days and swollen nights,

ebony umbrellas languish
in hushed oaken hallways,
yesterday’s dolor
puddling monochrome.

In the prism-drenched
meadows of tomorrow
parasols and petticoats twirl.

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the secret life of trees


nascent honeysuckling babe
catkin velveteen murmured ripple
rosehip nipple

naive milk-bathed melody
harmonic lilt of newborn crush


broken, rooted, steeped in scraith
charred, scraw-clawed ascent
scraping cobalt canopy

corkscrew willowed silhouette
seeking beams and
warmdrench summer rain

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