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We wake, shale-eyed,
clutching at cold, sharp edges,

pebble-smooth warmth
eloping with sleep.

Dawn finds us on our knees,
scrabbling in the grit,

searching for crude tools
to chip away the grey.



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While you were sleeping


I wrote this
while you were sleeping;

while your head imprinted
a vanilla linen memory
and the chintz eiderdown
rose and fell with the cadence
of your lungs,

while the fingers of my
left hand caressed
your open palm,
our warm legs tangling
between rumpled sheets,

while slumber
smoothed the furrows
of your day’s toil,
scattering the remnants
to the brisk March winds,

while my name tumbled sleepy
from your lips and the black dog
bayed at the waning moon,
knowing he would find
no quarter at our door.

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On Missing Morpheus


Lassitude drags her bare feet across blonde wood;
+++++++mellow-beamed in milky, branch-broken light.

Sleep-splintered, draped in cotton-stripe fatigue,
+++++++++++++stalking the sink of a cushioned chimera,

she buckles instead to the barbed ruin of her companion;
++++++++++++++quietly cursing the brackish insolence of his grasp.

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Wakey Wakey


Slept in late,
woke up to find
noon at the gate;
she can wait.

Slipped down,
magic pillow,
wallowed for a while,
couldn’t even muster a smile.

banged on the door;
more mail,
didn’t we get some yesterday?

Bills to pay, special offers
that end today,
colourful catalogues,
vast array,

small white card

wedged in the letter box,
almost missed,

‘you are cordially invited
to attend the rest of your life’

Screw sleep,
temptation to weep,
showered, dried tresses,
picked from numerous dresses.

No time to snooze,
find shoes – four inch,
don’t care if they pinch.
killer heels that make me feel tall.
I’m outta here baby –
Cinders is off to the ball.

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safely nestled,

strong arms. Ribbons wrapped round

smooth hips. Wriggles, softly purring,

she’s his.

His. She’s

purring softly. Wriggles hips; smooth,

round. Wrapped ribbons; arms strong.

Nestled, safely


~ This is a mirror cinquain:a normal cinquain, followed by an inverted one: 2-4-6-8-2 | 2-8-6-4-2except this one has a twist – the words are completely mirrored as well.



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