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The sound arrives
on the tail of rain;
low-level hum
held in fiddlehead cocoons.

We listen, rapt,
as tender vibrations
climb velvety stems
bathed in long summer light

and as I lay half-curled
in the crook of your smile,
we turn our arms to the sun
and let the newness unfurl.


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his body rises from the
slow water

sweeping sou’westerly
lifting salt beads
from his skin.

I lie
+++++++and glistening

for his feverish tongue
to slip
across cooldamp dunes.

Stem arced,
aching for the crest
+++++++++++I realise

it is not he
who has ascended
to burn above me

but I
who have tipped towards him

as naturally as the earth tilts,
its sun.

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the secret life of trees


nascent honeysuckling babe
catkin velveteen murmured ripple
rosehip nipple

naive milk-bathed melody
harmonic lilt of newborn crush


broken, rooted, steeped in scraith
charred, scraw-clawed ascent
scraping cobalt canopy

corkscrew willowed silhouette
seeking beams and
warmdrench summer rain

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Cumulonimbi bark across
a darkling sky, air crackles,
crystals charge, reorient.

Heads thrown back;
open-throated and howling
we watch the sundogs dance.


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Paddling out under flawless Sapphire,
Apollo – a million glisters
on rippled Emerald,

startled by the crane’s cry,
a lone clergymen on cathedral cliffs;
a rough-hewn reminder

that though each of us is out here alone,
with only our prayers for protection,
we are also free.


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Sunrise over the Pharmacy








Nursing caffeine;

watching Belenus
fight Arianrhod
for space in the sky,

dawning –

her only blithe warrior
the little white lie
she allows to slipslide

down her throat
each morning.


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Looked in all the usual places; briefcase, wallet,
trouser pockets.  Dreading, hoping to unlock it;

wanting just to understand why our portraits scowled
at one another, face to face in the little locket.

Eventually found it in the tiny scorched corners
of the upturned curve of the blazing sun

that rose every time she walked in the room
and slowly but surely my world came undone.



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Tan Lines/Moobs

Thanks to the Yanks
and the peeps with their insulated mugs
and Montreal splashed across their T’s
stretched over super-sized
super-tanned bellies, I shall be
returning home with two white triangles
on my bountiful sun-burnished chest.

So what’s all the fuss about?
They’re just breasts;
apparently they’re all the rage –
even the guys have them!

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