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Leather Bound

Richard Booth's bookshop

Richard Booth’s Bookshop in Hay

We met on a shelf
between RS and Hughes,
I liked your shoes but later
found they were boots,
their butterscotch
tan leather cuffs
discreetly concealed
beneath wintered denim.

Smooth, easily removed,
they sat obediently
in right angled hush
at the foot of our borrowed bed,
their suppleness echoed
in the soft scuff of your hands
as you deciphered the Braille
of my unravelling spine.


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Equus Ferus

Horse 1

He arrives mid-morning,
pawing the hot dust,
blunt thrust of snorting muscle
penetrating the corral.

His scent punches the air;
damp and pungent,
the rumbling aftershock
shoulder-charging my nostrils.

He parades, slowly,
rippled flanks
drip-feeding lusty morsels
as I resist the pull to approach.

The rope is coiled
and dry in my hands;
a flaccid snake that dare not
harness his sculpted throat.

I undress, wait,
quivering in the dirt,
while unshod hooves
imprint concentric whispers.

He comes to me, quietly,
in hard, shallow breaths,
allows me to grasp his withers,
clamber onto his unsaddled back.

I lower my quiet ache
to his dark neck,
animal heat flushing,
and it is in this brief fracture,

his body clasped to my breast,
his unspoken verse
pressed to my temples,
that we commune.


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Symmetry, Linguistics and the Art of Surrender

Daisy Chain 2

Relinquishing the day,
I watch your tongue
chase vowels, curl

around consonants, your
lips spilling daisy chains
on my bare shoulders.

I tilt my head, mirroring
your movements, inhale
the faint creases around

your mouth, allowing
myself to unravel as
you unfold in a smile.

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all it took
was an equinox breeze
squeezed between lips
ripe hips flimsy
green petalled shift

pink possibility
of restraint
blushed aside
palpable craving
brushstroking nap

red thorns stripped from
burgeoning stem
fish-hooking sepal
clasped bud arced

all it took

was me
and you
in the aching calescence of
an autumn

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Apart ++circling for days, delicious possibility
++++++pirouetting the moor, saturating
++++++the floor of our thudding ache.

Closer ++soft reservations trickle
++++++between sun-bleached pebbles;
++++++feeble saltwater restraint.

Shaking +sharing a last shallow breath,
++++++the ground tips, slipping us,
++++++defenceless, into a reckless sky.

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Freshwater West Path by Annabel Greenhalgh


warm freshwest breath
sweeps blue-grass dunes

saltwater licks
skin on skin skinny dips

unkinking brindled twists
and trying-to-forget-me-knots

unravelling twine

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beneath a eucalyptus lull,

your lop-sided smile
sculpting light across the gloam,

you hold me

in a grey-green gaze,
send my cares scattering;

before a soft-bristle brush.

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Like a piece of ice on a hot stove the poem must ride on its own melting ~ Robert Frost

Nursing vanilla-caffeine infusion,
soft frost melting against the aga,
I watch them

sibling seed heads,
happily bent in solicitude
for their task.

In paper intricacies
patient adolescent soothes
her fervent perfectionism –

it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes sweetheart,
++++++++++++++++++++that’s what makes each one unique

As dusk gnaws at the
frayed edges of the day
I dance a solitary waltz

lacy snowflakes
strung from cobwebbed beams,

in the fractals
of their beautiful mistakes.

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deep indigo timbre
trembles in my ear


leaves a subtle mark
here, and here


somehow you know
what it is I need to hear


part your lips and scatter
sacred letters in my hair


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Silk (Tetractys)


me wrap
my ribbons
around your waist;
allow myself to slowly come undone.



Silk (Snowflake Tetractys)


me wrap
my ribbons
around your waist;
allow myself to slowly come undone.
Let us tangle tongues to savour taste and
tie ourselves to
these flavours
we have






~  Tetractys should express a complete thought, profound or comic, witty or wise using 20 syllables. They can be written with more than one verse but each subsequent verse must invert the syllable count. There is no limit to the number of verses. The structure is:
line 1 – 1 syllable
line 2 – 2 syllables
line 3 – 3 syllables
line 4 – 4 syllables
line 5 – 10 syllables


Two verses is a Snowflake Tetractys.


Thanks to Marion@BleedingMoon and Luke@WordSalad for introducing me to this form.


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